-onym, -onymy, -onymic, -onymically, -onymous, -onymously, -nym

(Greek: name; word)

acronym (AK ruh nim) (s) (noun), acronyms (pl)
A word formed from the first (or first few) letters of a series of words, such as "radar" (radio detecting and ranging): Some people are confused by what appears to be too many acronyms, especially on the internet and from government organizations.
acronym, anagram
acronym (AK ruh nim) (noun)
A word formed from the first (or first few) letters of a series of words; such as, "radar" (radio detecting and ranging): Some people are confused by what appears to be one acronym after another; especially, on the internet and by government organizations.
anagram (AN uh gram") (noun)
A word or phrase made from another by rearranging its letters (Ex.: "now" can become "won"; "dread" can be transformed into "adder"): The anagram is just one of many kinds of word games that are around.

The television station issued a challenge to its viewers to suggest an acronym which would be the name of the new program for the fall that would feature an anagram contest.

acronymania (s) (noun) (no pl)
A zealous or keen passion for creating acronyms: Olivia was very interested in words and she developed an acroymania trying to form as many terms as possible by combining the initial letters of a multipart name.
acronymic (adjective), more acronymic, most acronymic
1. Description of a word formed from the first (or first few) letters of a series of words: Examples formed in an acronymic way are radar, which comes from radio detecting and ranging, NATO, which comes from North Atlantic Treaty Organization, scuba, which comes from self-contained underwater apparatus, and sonar, which comes from sound navigation ranging.
2. Characteristic of words created from the initial letters of a phrase: Such acronymic examples are "Random Access Memory" which becomes RAM, pronounced as the word "ram", and the scientific term LASER that is a result of "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".
acronymically (adverb), more acronymically, most acronymically
acronymous (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to a word (tip-name) that is formed from the initials or other parts of several words: An example of an acronymous term is UNESCO, from the initials of the United Nations Eucational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.
allonym (s) (noun), allonyms (pl)
1. The name of another person, especially that of a significant historical figure, which is assumed by a writer.
2. A book bearing the name of someone other than its author.
allonymous (adjective)
Pertaining to a publication that is indicated is the name of a writer other than the author: The article in the newspaper was presented with an allonymous identification instead of the actual writer.
allonymously (adverb), more allonymously, most allonymously
A reference to someone who uses a name that belongs to another person: There are some writers who prefer to use an allonymously produced name of an historical person in order to attract more readers.
anacronym (s) (noun), anacronyms (pl)
1. A word, formed from the first letters of a group of words, of which most people are unaware of what the original meaning of the word is, such as "laser" and "radar": The computer term "URL" (Uniform Resource Locator) is used on the internet as a website address, which has become an anacronym because very few people know what the letters stand for.
2. Etymology: said to be a combination of parts of the words anachronistic and acronym.
ananym (s) (noun), ananyms (pl)
1. A name which is written backwards; often used to mean the same thing as another word or as a false name.
2. A name that has the letters reversed; often done for anonymity, or to create a new name with some information encrypted in it; such as, with a parent who is naming a child.
anatonym (s) (noun), anatonyms (pl)
The naming of a part of the body which is used as a verb: such as, "toe the line"; "face the music"; and "foot the bill".
anonym (s) (noun), anonyms (pl)
1. With no name known or acknowledged: The anonym on the package gave rise to speculation as to who could be the unidentified sender.
2. Given, written, etc. by a person whose name is not disclosed: The letter to the editor of the newspaper was signed as anonym, the authorship being withheld for a reason.
3. A name used by someone to hide his or her identity: The ransom note was signed with an X which was the anonym of the kidnapper.
4. Not easily distinguished from others or from one another since there is a lack of individual features or characteristics: Harry's face was a perfect anonym because it was very bland and undistinguished from other people.
Someone who doesn't give his or her real name.
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anonymity (s) (noun), anonymities (pl)
1. The state of not being known or identified by name: The writer of the letter to the editor was not revealed as the one who wrote the complaint.
2. A lack of distinctive features that makes things seem bland or interchangeable.
3. Someone who is unnamed or unacknowledged as the doer of something.
4. The state of blending into a crowd and going unnoticed.
anonymous (adjective), more anonymous, most anonymous
1. A reference to someone whose name is not known or not given: A substantial financial supporter of the university wanted to remain an anonymous donor.
2. Referring to a performer’s or creator’s identity which is not revealed: Bert made an anonymous phone call to the police about a loud and threatening argument going on next door.
3. Concerning a lack of individuality or distinctiveness: Steve works in an anonymous building because it has no special features that separates it from other structures.
4. Descriptive of a person whose identity is obscured, not acknowledged, or who goes unnoticed: Despite his hard work and creativity, Aaron was just an anonymous person among his fellow workers.
Unknown authorship or no identification.
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Giving no name or of unknown writing.
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Without a writer's name.
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