-onym, -onymy, -onymic, -onymically, -onymous, -onymously, -nym

(Greek: name; word)

The use of short words in scientific nomenclature.
A term, or name; especially, a scientific term, consisting of just one word.
A reference to a term (name) consisting of just one word.
A term which refers to anyone who uses only one name; such as, Madonna, Pelé, Odetta, Cher, Voltaire, Aristotle, Cicero, Adam, Eve (Adam and Eve), Hannibal, Hippocrates, Houdini, Michelangelo, Pythagoras, Socrates, Spartacus, and many others.

Uninomial also has the same application.

1. Nomenclature of the muscles.
2. A system for naming the muscles.
An abbreviation that consists of the first letters of each word in a phrase and which is used when discussing a subject in a chat room or when writing an e-mail.

Netcronyms are said to be a quick way of telling people what you think; for example, IMO is a netcronym for "in my opinion".

Nomenclature of nerves.
numeronym (s) (noun), numeronyms (pl)
The name or names of a series of symbols of a fixed order which can be determined by calculating: Whenever Sarah tallies her mathematical solutions, she uses numeronyms; such as, "one" for 1, "two" for 2; "three" for 3; etc.
numeronymous (adjective), more numeronymous, most numeronymous
A phone number where the numbers also spell out a word or phrase: Some companies use numeronymous systems in order to make it easier for users to remember what the phone number is; such as, 1-800-GO-OFFICE instead of 1-800-07-5647878.
Someone who insists on turning every multi-word term into an acronym.
A proposed term for a technical name, as of a species or other group in zoology, etc., forming part of a recognized system of nomenclature or classification.
Having, or bearing a name, of a writing.

Having the name of the author or referring to an author who gives his/her name.

The opposite of anonymous, and usually explicitly contrasted with it.

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