loqu-, -loquence, -loquent, -loquently, -loquy, -iloquent, -iloquently

(Latin: talk, speak, say)

This loqu unit is directly related to the "talk, speak, say, word, speech" locu- family unit.

loquacity (s) (noun), loquacities (pl)
The condition or quality of being loquacious; talkativeness: Because of Lynn's loquacity, there was never a dull moment at the dinner party.
loquent, loquence, loquency
Speaking, talking.
magniloquent (adjective), more magniloquent, most magniloquent
Referring to the way people talk or write in a pompous manner by showing extravagance in their speech: In order to impress his teacher, Sam typed his essay in a quite magniloquent style, with flowery and high-sounding expressions.
Boastful when talking.
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magniloquy (adjective); more magniloquy, most magniloquy
Characterized by or descriptive of a bombastic style or manner of talking that is not sincere: Some politicians are known to give magniloquy presentations and speeches for TV and other public occasions in order to impress their voters.
maniloquism (s) (noun), maniloquisms (pl)
Communication between individuals who can't hear: The system of maniloquism is used by the deaf who use symbols made with the hands and fingers.
1. Speaking sweetly or harmoniously.
2. Literally, “honey-tongued”; a glib or fluent speaker.
3. Pertaining to a smooth talker or a con artist.
melliloquently (adverb), more melliloquently, most melliloquently
A reference to talking in a harmonious or sweet manner.
mendaciloquent (adjective), more mendaciloquent, most mendaciloquent
Telling artful lies or presenting false words: The governor's mendaciloquent excuses that he was innocent of charges that he was taking drugs didn't convince anyone because pictures revealed the truth.
multiloquacious (adjective), more multiloquacious, most multiloquacious
Regarding a person who talks very much; very talkative; loquacious: Frank's girlfriend was quite multiloquacious because she loved to chatter with anybody, even in different languages!
Talking a great deal; talkative.
Loquacious, gabby; excessive talking.
Nescio de quo loqueris.
I don't know what you're talking about.
obloquy (s) (noun), obloquies (pl)
1. A state or condition of disgrace resulting from public abuse or defamation: The head of the secret police resigned in obloquy because his department's secrets had been leaked to the press.
2. Evil-speaking directed against a person or thing; abuse, detraction, calumny, or slander: The newspapers engaged in vicious obloquies against the corrupt city official.
3. Evil reputation, bad repute; a disgrace: The gangster tried to make up for his history of obloquies by donating great sums of money to charities.
Contemptuous or abusive words.
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Bad talking about someone.
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Talking about everything; speaking about everything or on all subjects.
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