fid-, fidel-

(Latin: believe, belief; trust, faith, true)

mala fide (MA luh FIGH dee, MA la FEE di) (adjective), more mala fide, most mala fide
A reference to someone who is acting in "bad faith": When Joe told the potential buyer of his car that his vehicle was in perfect condition, he was making a mala fide statement with the intention of deceiving the potential buyer because a mechanic told Joe that the motor needed to be repaired.

The robber made a mala fide promise to give the money that he stole back to the bank; however, he never really intended to do it.

One who has the least possible faith in something.
perfidious (adjective), more perfidious, most perfidious
Characterized by guilt or violating trust, loyalty, or allegiance; basely treacherous: A perfidious friend told a robber where precious coins were hidden in Isaac's house.
Disloyal and untrustworthy.
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Untrusted and not loyal.
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perfidiously (adverb), more perfidiously, most perfidiously
1. A reference to being treacherously deceitful.
3. Relating to or characterized by being a traitor or disloyal.
perfidy (s) (noun), perfidies (pl)
1. The deceitful violation of faith or a betrayal of the trust in someone; treachery: Karen's closest friend was committing perfidies against her by revealing her private feelings to other people in the school.
2. The profession of faith or friendship in order to deceive or to betray another person: Mike pretended to be Sharon's friend in order to perform a perfidy that could ruin her career as an executive officer in the company.
Disloyalty and a treachery.
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Pietate, fide, et justicia.
With piety, fidelity, and justice.

Motto of Wilhelm VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel (1629-1663).

Scientia vera cum fide pura.
True knowledge with pure faith.

Motto of Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, USA.

semper fidelis
Always faithful.
Signum fidei.
The sign of faith.

Motto of Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, California, USA.

solifidian (s) (noun), solifidians (pl)
Someone who holds that a strong belief alone, without works, is sufficient for justification (religious salvation).
solifidianism (s) (noun), solifidianisms (pl)
The doctrine or tenet of justification (salvation) is by belief alone and without works.
unaffiance (verb), unaffiances; unaffianced; unaffiancing
To withdraw from a pledge of marriage; to be unbetrothed.
unconfident (adjective), more unconfident, most unconfident
A reference to having a lack of trust or no certainty; unsure, not certain.
Virtute et fide.
By virtue and faith.
Virtuti non armis fido.
I trust to virtue, not to arms.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "faith, trust; faithful, trusting; believe, belief": cred-; dox-.