acid-, acidi-, acido-, -acidity

(Latin: sour [sharp])

acidimeter (s) (noun), acidimeters (pl)
An instrument for measuring the strength or amount of pungent elements in a solution.
The chemical process of measuring the strength of acids; that is to say, determining the quantity of pure free acid contained in a liquid.
acidism, acidismus
A condition due to the introduction into the body of acids from outside the body.
1. The quality or state of being acid or sour; sourness, tartness, sharpness to the taste.
2. Thriving in a relatively acid environment; especially a reference to plants, requiring a pH well below 7.

Synonyms: acidophilic, acidophilous, aciduric.

acidize (verb), acidizes; acidized; acidizing
To impregnate with acid, to acidify: At Joe's firm the specialist decided to acidize an oil well in order to expand the pores in the adjacent rocks which would induce the flow of water, oil, etc. and neutralise the lime.
The quality of being acid, degree of acidity; sourness.
Producing acid or acidity, especially of the urine.
Similar to or like acid.
acidophil, acidophile (s) (noun); acidophils, acidophiles (pl)
1. An organism that grows well in a highly acid (sour, sharp) media.
2. Cells that stain readily with acidic dyes.
acidophilic (adjective), more acidophilic, most acidophilic
1. A reference to organisms that thrive in a bitter or pungent environment.
2. A designation of a microorganism that grows well in a highly acrid medium.
3. A description of any microorganism that can or must live in a caustic situation (pH below 6).
4. Referring to anything that is easily stained with acid dye.
acidophily (s) (noun), acidophilies (pl)
1. An element which thrives in a pungent medium or a substance that is sour.
2. That which has an affinity for acid dyes or denoting a cell or tissue element that stains with an acid dye, such as eosin which is a red fluorescent dye that is used in cosmetics or as a biological stain for studying cell structures.
3. Microorganisms or plants that flourish in acetous conditions that are very sour.
acidophobe, acidophoby
Intolerant of acidic environments.
acidophobia (s) (noun), acidophobias (pl)
In botany, the intolerance of some plants to exist in acidic soils: The acidophobia of some flora means that they can only survive and grow in soil having some lime or by having fertilizers containing calcium and nitrogen.
acidophobic (adjective), more acidophobic, most acidophobic
A reference to plants which cannot grow in acidic situations: Examples of acidophobic vegetation include alfalfa and clover, which are grown for fodder.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "sour, sharp": acerb-; acies- (not "sour"); acuto- (not "sour"); oxy-; pung- (not "sour").