(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

ably (adverb), more ably, most ably
Descriptive of how something is done very skillfully and very well; in a competent way: The carpenter was ably assisted by two helpers.
acceptably (adverb), more acceptably, most acceptably
Pertaining to how something is done or performed in a satisfactory manner: Jane's sports teacher said that she played volleyball acceptably and tolerably.
accountably (adjective), more accountably, most accountably
Descriptive of how someone is liable or responsible for his or her actions: When the teacher asked who had caused the big mess in the classroom, Jack reacted accountably when he said that he was answerable for the chaos.
accusably (adverb), more accusably, most accusably
Referring to a how a person is blamed or held responsible for an offense: Sam was accusably charged with stealing Tom's car and the case went to court.
adaptably (adverb), more adaptably, most adaptably
A reference to how something can be modified, or how a person can adjust to different conditions or situations: The movie that George was producing consisted of his effort to adaptably prepare one that would have greater interest for viewers when they went to see it in theaters.

admirably (adverb), more admirably, most admirably
1. Relating to how something excites wonder, mingled with approbation or a favorable opinion, esteem or high regard, or veneration: Marian took care of the complicated situation admirably.
2. A reference to how someone deserves the highest regard and loyalty: Sally's father admirably supported his family by working at two jobs.
adorably (adverb), more adorably, most adorably
Expressing how an individual does something in a charming and pleasing way: Jack always looked at his wife adorably even after ten years of marriage.
advisably (adverb), more advisably, most advisably
Concerning how a person acts or says something in a wise or prudent manner: Mrs.Thompson advisably told her son to obey all the laws regarding driving the car on the roads.
affably (adverb), more affably, most affably
Conveying how an individual converses courteously and in a friendly way: Sadie greeted her new neighbors affably as she welcomed them to her community.
agreeably (adverb), more agreeably, most agreeably
Reflecting how a person acts with enjoyment and pleasure: Stacey's parents were agreeably pleased to see that she was feeling so good after her illness.
allowably (adverb), more allowably, most allowably
Concerning how something is permissible or acceptable: The students in class were allowably permitted to ask questions directed at the speaker in the auditorium of the school.
amiably (adverb), more amiably, most amiably
Reflecting how a person does something in a friendly and agreeable way: The two girls chatted amiably and cheerfully with each other at the ice cream parlor.
amicably (adverb), more amicably, most amicably
Pertaining to how a person does something in a polite and pleasant manner: The two neighbors decided it was best to solve their difficulties regarding the fence along the property line amicably and peacefully and not in a hostile way.
appeasably (adverb), more appeasably, most appeasably
1. Descriptive of how someone conveys peace and calmness: Ralph's appeasably calm approach made it easier to help the accident victims.
2. A reference to how to satisfy or relieve: She quenched her thirst appeasably by drinking a cool bottle of water.
3. Concerning how to pacify, or how to attempt to pacify, an enemy by granting concessions, often at the expense of principles: In the story James was reading, the two foes didn't want fight, so they solved their issues appeasably with friendly gestures.
applaudably (adverb), more applaudably, most applaudably
A reference to how a person is worthy of high praise; commendably: Kitty's efforts to save the wildlife in her area was certainly encouraged by the press that applaudably commended and congratulated her with favourable reviews in the local newspaper.