(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

despicably (adverb), more despicably, most despicably
Descriptive of being very unpleasant or bad: "Billy was behaving despicably in class, so his teacher, Mrs. Smith, informed his parents and arranged for a parent-teacher conference with them to take place the next day."
determinably (adverb), more determinably, most determinably
Being fixable, definable, or quantifiable: The determinably better quality of the compound used for repairing the sidewalk was clearly verified when it was completed.
detestably (adverb), more detestably, most detestably
1. Descriptive of an offensive and hateful manner or behavior.
2. A reference to people or things which are hated very much: The people at the political gathering were so detestably immoral and vulgar that some people could not tolerate being anywhere near them.
disagreeably (adverb), more disagreeably, most disagreeably
discernibly (adverb), more discernibly, most discernibly
1. In an obvious way or to a noticeable extent.
2. In a manner to be seen or discovered; visibly.
1. Bringing shame or dishonor to someone’s good name or reputation.
2. The reverse of creditable; such as to bring discredit; injurious to reputation; disreputable, disgraceful.
disputably (adverb)
A reference to something which is open to dispute; debatable: "Her testimony was disputably inaccurate."
disreputably (adverb)
In a disreputable manner.
distinguishably (adverb), more distinguishably, most distinguishably
durably (adverb), more durably, most durably
A reference as to how something can withstand wear or decay: The pictures that were taken of Joe's children many years ago are durably preserved in a family photo album.
endurably (adverb), more endurably, most endurably
Pertaining to how something is accomplished in a tolerable way or not too unpleasant: At the restaurant the broccoli was served in an endurably overcooked way, which Jim and his family ate anyway, although it wasn’t what they would have liked as a vegetable to have with their dinner.