(Latin: suffix; expressing ability, capacity, fitness, or "that which may be easily handled or managed")

Just a few examples out of hundreds of words presented as the noun forms of -able; forming nouns of quality from, or corresponding to, adjectives in -able; the quality in an agent that makes an action possible. The suffix -ible has related meanings.

morphological stability
The property of a material relating to the dynamics of the spontaneous shape of the interface that separates phases during a phase transformation.
negotiability (s) (noun), negotiabilities (pl)
A situation that is transferable with a signature: Sam was told to keep his financial bonds in a safe place because their negotiabilities can be done by anyone who gets access to them.
nonconstruability (noun)
1. Unable to interpret or to assign a meaning to or to interpre something.
2. Not capable of deducing by inference or interpretation nor to infer: "He tried to construe her intentions from her gestures but the situation ended up being one of nonconstruability."
notability (s) (noun), notabilities (pl)
operable, operability
1. A situation in which an operation is possible; such as, an operable machine.
2. The possibility of putting something into practice; practicable: an operable plan.
3. Treatable by surgical operation with a reasonable degree of safety and chance of success; an operable cancer.
palpability (s) (noun), palpabilities (pl)
The quality of being perceivable, plainly seen, or obvious by touching: Pamela had palpabilities of shaking and twitching which revealed her extreme nervousness when she was asked by the police officer for her driver's license
peccable (PEK uh buhl) (adjective), more peccable, most peccable
Descriptive of committing sinful or wrongful acts: History has many examples of peccable crimes that have resulted from wars which have caused a great deal of suffering for the soldiers and those innocent civilians who were not involved in the battles.
Relating to sinning or a temptation to do wrong.
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The property of something that can be pervaded by a liquid; as by osmosis or diffusion.
portability (noun) (no plural)
1. An object that is easily carried, moved, or rearranged: The portability of one's traveling bag can be accomplished by making practical arrangements of clothing and other necessities for a trip.
2. Computer programs or equipment that are flexible in function so they can be used in a variety of systems or places: Jacob told the computer salesperson that he wanted a laptop because its portability was essential since he would be using it during his business trips.
That which is fit or suitable for drinking: "They finally found water which had enough potability for drinking."