astro-, astr-

(Greek: star, stars, star shaped; also pertaining to outer space)

A reference to the practice of divination with magic or astrology.
1. The points in space and time in the orbits of two stars in a binary system when they are closest to each other.
2. That point, in the real or apparent orbit of one star revolving around another (double-star systems), when the former star is nearest to the other star.
A subfield of astronomy that studies celestial objects at radio frequencies.

Radio astronomy is conducted either with a single telescope or with multiple linked telescopes.

theoastrological (adjective)
A reference to beliefs in a god which is founded on the observation of celestial bodies.
theoastrology (s) (noun), theoastrologies (pl)
A belief in gods that is based on the existence and interpretations of celestial bodies.
1. Having no relationship to the science of astronomy.
2. Not very big: "The cost of this city project was unastronomical after all."

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