ultra-, ult-

(Latin: beyond, on the other side; excessive, to an extreme degree)

A reference to the advocacy of the supremacy of the papacy and the papal system, in opposition to those favoring national churches and the authority of church councils.
ultramundane (adjective), more ultramundane, most ultramundane
1. Pertaining to something that is situated or is extending beyond the world, or beyond the limits of the solar system: At the party, Susan wore the most ultramundane, or most extraordinary, hat anybody had ever seen before.
2. Descriptive of something that belongs to or relates to heaven or to the realm of the spiritual, and not to the physical world: Gregory seemed to behave as if he were in an ultramundane land, way beyond the ambit of the earth or the limit of the universe.l
Conveying the idea that something is beyond the limits of our worldly system.
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ultranationalism (s) (noun), ultranionalisms (pl)
The belief in the supremacy of one's country; fanatical patriotism: In total accord with the doctrine of ultranationalism, Mr. T. considered his country to be the best in the world, and wanted to gain the extreme greatness of achieving it.
ultraplankton (s) (noun), ultraplanktons (pl)
Another term for nanoplankton which are very tiny plankton: Ultraplankton, also termed picoplankton, are so minute that they can pass through a fine mesh net because they are only 2 to 20 micrometers in size.
An “ultra (excessive) lizard” from Late Jurassic western Colorado, USA. Discovered in Colorado by dinosaur digger U. S. paleontologist James A. Jensen of Brigham Young University, this extremely large dinosaur was formerly known as Supersaurus. The name was changed to Ultrasauros because it was previously claimed for a South Korean specimen. Named by Korean paleontologist Haang Mook Kim in 1983.
ultrasonic lithotresis
A procedure in which ultrasonic waves are used to facilitate the removal of urinary stones.
ultrasonic-assisted liposuction
In ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL), the cannula is energized with ultrasonic energy, causing the fat to melt away on contact, an advantage in areas of scar tissue; such as, the male breast, back, and in areas of prior liposuction.

The disadvantages of UAL include the need for longer incisions in the skin, potential for skin or internal burns, greater cost, and longer time.

A computerized instrument used to create an image using ultrasound.