ultra-, ult-

(Latin: beyond, on the other side; excessive, to an extreme degree)

ultra mare (adverb) (not comparable)
On the other side, beyond the sea: June found out in her dictionary that plants ultra mare were those that thrived on the far side of an ocean.
ultra reprises
In excess of deductions or expenses.
ultra vires
1. Beyond legal authority; literally: "Beyond the powers".

A reference to a court or other agency of government, an institution, or an individual, that exceeds its legal authority.

2. An antonym, or opposite, is intra vires.

There are other legal applications (or interpretations):

  1. An act performed without any legal authority to act on the subject. It may refer to acts beyond the scope of the powers of a corporation; such as those that are defined by its charter or laws of state of incorporation.
  2. The term has a broad application and includes not only acts prohibited by a charter, but acts that are in excess of powers granted and not prohibited, and generally applied either when a corporation has no power whatever to do an act or when the corporation has the power but exercises it.
  3. An act is ultra vires when a corporation is without authority to perform it under any circumstances or for any purpose.
  4. An ultra vires act of a municipality is one that is beyond the powers conferred upon it by law.
ultraconservative (adjective)
A reference to being extremely conservative and resistant to certain political, social, and economic changes.
ultraconservative (s), ultraconservatives (pl) (nouns)
Someone who is conservative to an extreme degree or who has very conservative beliefs; especially, in politics.

Generally, conservatism, in politics, includes the desire to maintain, or to conserve, the existing order and conservatives usually believe that the implementation of changes should be minimal and gradual and not radical as is often the case with ultraconservatives.

Conservatives are said to value the wisdom of the past and are generally opposed to widespread reform and they are usually flexible and receptive to moderate changes, but they favor the maintenance of order on social issues, and they actively support deregulations and privatizations in economic spheres; however, ultraconservatives tend to be much more radical and extreme in their desires for maintaining certain political practices or conditions.

ultrademocratic (adjective), more ultrademocratic, most ultrademocratic
ultrafashionable (adjective), more ultrafashionable, most ultrafashionable
Exceedingly or exceptionally posh or chic: Wendy never wanted to wear old-fashioned clothes. so she always bought ultrafashionable ones which were all the rage and voguish.
ultrafastidious (adjective), more ultrafastidious, most ultrafastidious
1. Conveying an extremely greater attention to details or very particular and demanding about issues of taste or standards of good behavior and what is the proper way to do something.
2. Etymology: from Latin ultra, "beyond" + fastidiosus, "disgust, disdain, haughtiness, loathing".
ultra-high frequency, UHF
From 300 MHz to 3 Ghz. Typically, RFID tags that operate between 866 MHz to 960 MHz.

They can send information faster and farther than high-frequency and low-frequency tags, but radio waves don’t pass through items with high water content; such as, fruit, at these frequencies.

UHF tags are also more expensive than low-frequency tags, and they use more power.