tuss- +

(Latin: cough)

A slight cough.
Relating to a cough.
Relating to a cough.
1. A hacking cough.
2. A short, dry cough.
3. Repeated short coughs.
Causing a cough.
tussis convulsiva, pertussis
Whooping cough, a communicable, potentially deadly illness characterized by fits of coughing followed by a noisy, "whooping" indrawn breath.

It is caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. The illness is most likely to affect young children, but sometimes appears in teenagers and adults, even those who have been previously immunized.

Immunization with DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) vaccine provides protection, although that immunity may wear off with age.

When teenagers and adults get pertussis, it appears first as coughing spasms, and then a stubborn dry cough lasting up to eight weeks.

Referring to a cough.
tussive fremitus
1. A form of fremitus (a tremor vibration in any part of the body that is detectable by palpation) similar to the vocal, produced by a cough.
2. A thrill felt by the hand when applied to the chest of a person coughing.
tussive syncope
Fainting as a result of a coughing spell, caused by persistent increased intrathoracic pressure (within the cavity of the chest) diminishing venous return to the heart (blood returning to the heart via the great veins and coronary sinus), thus lowering cardiac output.

It most often occurs in heavy-set male smokers who have chronic bronchitis.