tuber-, tuberi-

(Latin: swelling, node, lump, mass)

coxotuberculosis (s) (noun), coxotuberculoses (pl)
An infectious disease of the hip joint.
dactylitis tuberculosa, dactylitis strumosa
Inflammation of the digits due to tuberculosis.
nuchal tubercle
An elevation projecting beneath the skin, produced by the long spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra.
protuberance (s) (noun), protuberances (pl)
protuberancy (s) (noun), protuberancies (pl)
protuberant (adjective), more protuberant, most protuberant
protuberantly (adverb), more protuberantly, most protuberantly
protuberate (verb), protuberates; protuberated; protuberating
protuberation (s) (noun), protuberations (pl)
protuberous (adjective), more protuberous, most protuberous
tuberculicide, tuberculocide
The killing of tuberculosis bacilli.
tuberculophobia (s) (noun)
An abnormal trepidation of being infected with tuberculosis: Mary's friend was diagnosed with the disease of tuberculosis, and following this terrible piece of news Mary developed tuberculophobia herself when she noticed that she panicked just of the thought of this terrible illness!