-trix +

(Latin: woman, women; female, females; feminine, femininity)

A female helper or assistant.
agitatrix (s) (noun), agitatrices (pl)
A female who disturbs or bothers another person or people: In the news, it was reported that a girl in school turned out to be quite an agitatrix who incited others to disobey the teacher and to drink alcohol before school began.
A female autocrat; the title of an empress of Russia ruling in her own right.
aviatrix (s) (noun); aviatrices or aviatrixes (pl)
A woman who operates an aircraft so she is a pilot.
balneatrix, balneatricis
Caretaker of a bath (feminine).
1. A blue eruptive variable star, the third brightest star in the constellation Orion; Gamma (γ) Orionis.
2. A bright star in the left shoulder of Orion, from Latin bellatrix, "a female warrior"; feminine of bellator, "to wage war"; from Latin bellum, "war".
coadjutrix (s) (noun), coadjutrices (pl)
A woman who works with another person or is a co-worker or a colleague.
coadministratrix (s) (noun); coadministratrixes, coadministratrices (pl)
A woman who is a joint administrator with one or more people and whose job is to help manage a business, an organization, an institution, a government agency, or a department, etc.
consolatrix (s) (noun), consolatrices (pl)
A woman who tries to comfort a person at a time of affliction, sorrow, disheartenment, or distress: As the church consolatrix, Eve tried to ease the pain of grievousness that the children suffered when their father and mother were killed in a car accident.
curatrix (s) (noun), curatrixes (pl)
1. A woman, or anything regarded as feminine, who aids in healing people's ailments.
2. A female superintendent or guardian.
3. A woman who has been appointed to the office as a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection.
directrix, directress
A woman who is a director or a directress; that is, a female who is in charge of an activity, department, or organization; such as, the sales directrix of the department store.
dominatrix (s) (noun), dominatrices (pl)
1. A female dominator; Nany's next-door neighbor was a dominatrix and extremely overbearing. Her husband left her after a few years of marriage.
2. A woman partner in a sadomasochistic relationship: One female with a whip is a dominatrix, but five of them are dominatrices.
executrix (s) (noun), executrices (pl)
1. A female executor of a will or appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of that person's will.
2. A woman who produces something or puts something into effect.
A biological mother or the opposite of a genitor (biological father).
The female counterpart of the male gladiator, who was an armed fighter who participated in violent combat with humans animals for the entertainment of audiences in the arenas of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.