-trix +

(Latin: woman, women; female, females; feminine, femininity)

impersonalize (verb), impersonalizes; impersonalized; impersonalizing
To make something neutral or lacking in human warmth and without reference to an individual.
A female janitor.
legislatress, legislatrix
A female legislator.
1. A female mediator.
2. Often applied to the Virgin Mary, believed in many Christian denominations (especially, the Roman Catholic Church) to intercede with God on behalf of mankind.
negotiatrix (s) (noun), negotiatrices (pl)
A woman who tries to reach and agreement in a formal way: Jo Ann was a lawyer who served as a negotiatrix for her father's business in order to settle any conflicts that might arise with other companies.
1. A woman who assists other women in childbirth.
2. Usually a woman, who is trained to assist women in childbirth.
1. A woman who delivers an oration.
2. A female public speaker; especially, one of great eloquence.
rectrix (REK triks) (s) (noun), rectrices (REK tri sez", rek TRI sez) (pl)
1. A female ruler; a governess, a woman employed to teach and train children in a private home: Jane was hired as a rectrix, or rectoress, by a wealthy family to provide lessons for their children in science, languages, mathematics, music, and behavior.
2. The feminine administrative head of some schools, colleges, or universities: Mrs. Johnson was the principal, or rectrix, of the local educational institution in Mary’s town.
3. In ornithology, a bird’s tail feather used to guide it during flight: One of the long back quill feathers of a bird, or rectrix, is employed as a rudder or control surface, and is used to steer or to direct the path it takes while flying in the air.

The long, stiff, asymmetrically shaped feathers on the tails of a bird are called retrices and their primary functions are to aid in the production of both thrust and lift during flight.

1. A scolding or quarrelsome woman; a scold or a woman who scolds, or makes a practice of scolding; especially, a rude, clamorous woman; a shrew.
2. A woman who annoys people by constantly finding fault.
3. The use of harsh language by a woman when she is complaining or finding fault with someone or something.
A woman who has made a legally valid will.
trixenous, trixeny
1. A reference to a parasite utilizing three host species during its life cycle.
2. A mixed culture of organisms, where one organism is associasted with three other species.
Victress, an ancient Roman epithet variously applied to Venus, Diana, and other goddesses.
zealatrice, zelatrix (s) (noun)
1. A female zelator or an older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns.
2. A enthusiastic female partizan or promoter.
3. A female zealot who is actively and unreservedly enthusiastic about something.