thall-, thallo-, thal-, thalli- +

(Greek: young branch, shoot; thallus, a simple-plant body with undifferentiated root, stem, and leaf)

Referring to algae and fungi, describing the condition in which there are two mating types that act as male and female, as opposed to one self-fertile individual.
homothallism, homothallous, homothallic
A mode of reproduction in fungi and algae in which each thallus produces both male and female sex cells and is self-fertilizing.
thallitoxicosis, thallotoxicosis
Poisoning by thallium or its compounds.
Information is located at Chemical Element: thallium.
Any of a group of plantlike organisms showing no differentiation into stem, root, or leaf; including the algae, fungi, and lichens, formerly regarded as constituting a major division of the plant kingdom.