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(Latin: young, youthful)
(Greek: new, recent, current, young)
(Greek: moss; blossom; also to swell, teem; young one; to be full, swell, bloom, cause to burst forth)
(Modern Latin: from Greek, thallos, "a young, or green, twig or shoot" [based on the color of its spectrum]; metal)
(Greek klados: shoot, young branch; branch; twig)
(Greek: youth, pubescence, puberty [the period during which the secondary characteristics of maturity begin to develop; by extension, a young man])
(Greek: young bride; woman of marriageable age)
(Greek: virgin, maiden, young girl)
(a danger to both young and old)
(Latin: [diminutive of pupa, a young girl, doll or puppets] the pupil of the eye; including the larva of insects)
("Virgin suicides" forced on young women in Turkey)
(Greek: young branch, shoot; thallus, a simple-plant body with undifferentiated root, stem, and leaf)
(Latin: beginner, novice [also, originally, a "young soldier" or "recruit"])
(Latin: a marriageable girl, maiden; related to "a young shoot, a twig")
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nymphine: young girl
Nymphal; having the features of a young girl, especially a beautiful one.
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