sudor-, sudo-, sudori-, suda- sud-

(Greek > Latin: sweat, sweating; perspire, perspiring, perspiration)

exudation, exudative
1. The act of exuding; sweating; a discharge of humors, moisture, juice, or gum, as through pores or incisions; also, the substance exuded.
2. The process of exuding; the slow escape of liquids from blood vessels through pores or breaks in the cell membranes.
3. A substance that oozes out from animal or plant pores.
exude (verb), exudes; exuded; exuding
1. To come out gradually in drops, as sweat, through pores or small openings; to ooze out: Claude was working very hard out in the garden which caused him to exude a lot of perspiration.

The spilled oil was exuding all over the garage floor as a result of the crack in the motor of Jim's car.

2. To discharge or to emit liquids or gases: The mechanic was working on Ed's car in an effort to keep it from exuding so much exhaust fumes .
3. To project or display conspicuously or abundantly; to radiate cheerfulness: The university football coach exudes satisfaction whenever the players succeed in accomplishing the techniques he is teaching them.

Carmela's daughter exudes a lot of good humor and charm.

4. Etymology: from Latin exudare, "to ooze out like sweat"; from ex- "out" + sudare "to sweat".
To discharge or to ooze out.
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To emit gradually.
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hydrosudopathy (s) (noun), hydrosudopathies (pl)
A therapy using hydrotherapy integrated with induced sweating: Norman found out that the method of hydrosudopathy could help his ailment and so he went to a Turkish bath!
Hydrotherapy combined with induced sweating as in a Turkish bath, sauna, etc.; also hidrotherapy.
sudarium (s) (noun); sudariums, sudaria (pl)
A small "sweat cloth" upon which Jesus Christ, is said to have miraculously impressed His own portrait as He was wiping His face with it when He was going to the crucifixion.

In the Roman Catholic Church, sudarium is another term for Veronica's Veil which is a legendary Catholic Church relic. The faithful believe that Veronica from Jerusalem encountered Jesus along the Via Dolorosa on the way to Calvary.

When she paused to wipe the sweat off his face with her veil, his image was imprinted on the cloth. The event is commemorated by one of the Stations of the Cross.

According to legend, Veronica later traveled to Rome to present the cloth to the Roman Emperor Tiberius. It had miraculous properties, including the quenching of thirst, restoring blindness, and sometimes even raising the dead.

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1. The action or process of sweating.
2. The process of the sweat glands of the skin secreting a salty fluid: "Perspiration is a homeostatic process."
3. The discharge of water and substances in solution; as through pores; perspiration, sweating, diaphoresis, and hidrosis.
A plural form of sudatorium; hot-air rooms used for sweat baths.
1. A room, especially in an ancient Roman bathhouse, in which people are made to sweat by hot air or steam.
2. A hot-air room used for sweat baths.
1. Sweating; perspiring.
2. A sweating bath; a vapor bath.
3, A reference to a sudatorium.
A graphic representation of the areas of the body on which sweating is present.
sudokeratosis, sudorikeratosis
Circumscribed horny overgrowths that obstruct the sweat ducts.
1. Stimulating sweating.
2. Relating to the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands to activity; nervous stimulation of sweating.
3. Denoting the autonomic (sympathetic) nerves that stimulate the sweat glands to activity.
1. A salty fluid secreted by sweat glands: "You could see the sweat pour off his face."
2. Perspiration, sweat.
sudor cruentus
Blood-tinged sweat.
sudor nocturnus
Night sweat or drenching perspiration occurring at night, or whenever the patient sleeps, in the course of pulmonary tuberculosis or other febrile diseases.