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exude (verb), exudes; exuded; exuding
1. To come out gradually in drops, as sweat, through pores or small openings; to ooze out: Claude was working very hard out in the garden which caused him to exude a lot of perspiration.

The spilled oil was exuding all over the garage floor as a result of the crack in the motor of Jim's car.

2. To discharge or to emit liquids or gases: The mechanic was working on Ed's car in an effort to keep it from exuding so much exhaust fumes .
3. To project or display conspicuously or abundantly; to radiate cheerfulness: The university football coach exudes satisfaction whenever the players succeed in accomplishing the techniques he is teaching them.

Carmela's daughter exudes a lot of good humor and charm.

4. Etymology: from Latin exudare, "to ooze out like sweat"; from ex- "out" + sudare "to sweat".
To discharge or to ooze out.
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To emit gradually.
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exude (verb), exudes; exuded; exuding

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To come out gradually in drops through pores or small openings, to ooze out; also, to project or to display abundantly. (2)