somni-, somno-, somn-, -somnia, -somniac

(Latin: sleep, sleeping; dreams, dreaming)

somniloquacious (adjective), more somniloquacious, most somniloquacious
Relating to a discourse or verbalization while asleep: It was the middle of the night when suddenly Lynn woke up and heard her sister in a bed next to hers giving a somniloquacious monologue about driving her car through a strange city.
somniloquence (s) (noun), somniloquences (pl)
Talking or muttering when someone is asleep: Hayden often has somniloquences which upset his wife; however, he has no control over them.
somniloquent (adjective), more somniloquent, most somniloquent
somniloquism (s) (noun), somniloquisms (pl)
The act or habit of talking while sleeping.
somniloquist (s) (noun), somniloquists (pl)
1. Someone who talks when in bed during the night: Kitty amused her sisters while she was sleeping because she was a somniloquist and often said the silliest things.
2. Etymology: from Latin somni-, "sleep" + -loquy, loqui "to speak, to talk."
Any one who talks while sleeping.
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Someone who talks in his or her sleep.
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Talking while sleeping.
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somniloquy (s) (noun), somniloquies (pl)
1. Talking while asleep.
2. Talking that takes place while under the influences of hypnotic suggestions.
somnipathist (s) (noun); somnipathists (pl)
Anyone who is affected by or who is influenced of another individual: When another person yawns, then there are some somnipathists who start to get sleepy.
somnipathy (s) (noun), somnipathies (pl)
1. A condition of sleep created by hypnosis: Somnipathy can occur when one individual has an influence on another person, or which is received by anyone from another, and the effects thus produced, as seen in hypnotism, and in yawning, or by the process of mesmerism.
2. A disturbance of sleep or any physical or mental disorder of sleep: Somnipathy can be severe or intense enough to upset a person's usual physical, mental, and emotional behavior or reactions.
somnivolent (adjective), more somnivolent, most somnivolent
A reference to someone who desires to sleep.
somnocinematograph, somnokinematograph (s) (noun); somnocinematographs, somnokinematographs (pl)
A device for recording the movements made by sleepers.
somnocinematography, somnokinematography (s) (noun); somnocinematographies, somnokinematographies (pl)
The process or technique of recording motions during sleep.
somnolence (s) (noun), somnolences (pl)
An unnatural inclination to sleep; sleepiness, drowsiness.
somnolency (s) (noun), somnolencies (pl)
somnolent (adjective), more somnolent, most somnolent
1. Relating to something that causes sleepiness or drowsiness: The long and boring film had a somnolent effect on Alice and she slumbered in her armchair until she woke up when the clock struck midnight!
2. A reference to those who have a strong desire to sleep or who are very drowsy: The somnolent hikers, utterly exhausted and tired from walking uphill for hours, finally reached their destination where they quickly prepared themselves to go to their beds and immediately fell asleep!
Sleepy, drowsy; inclined to fall asleep.
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somnolentia (s) (noun); somnolentias (pl)
A strong desire to sleep; an uncontrollable drowsiness: Somnolentia is a prolonged transition from sleep to waking up, with partial alertness, disorientation, poor coordination, and sometimes an excited or violent behavior.

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