somni-, somno-, somn-, -somnia, -somniac

(Latin: sleep, sleeping; dreams, dreaming)

somnambulic (adjective), more somnambulic, most somnambulic
A reference to walking when asleep.
somnambulism (s) (noun), somnambulisms (pl)
1. A procedure that involves getting out of bed and walking around or performing other complex motor behavior while being asleep: The individual who is experiencing somnambulism is relatively unresponsive, not alert, not easily awakened, and often does not even remember what was going on at the time.

2. Sleep walking is described by some medical people as "a partial arousal disorder", in which a person is not fully asleep but who is also not completely awake: Somnambulism can be caused by sleep deprivation, alcohol, fevers, stress, or by some mental and neurological conditions.

Because of his chronic somnambulism, traveling independently was a risk for Sarah's son; so, he always traveled with a friend or a member of his family.

Walking while asleep.
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somnambulist (s) (noun), somnambulists (pl)
Anyone who walks around while asleep: Just as the somnambulist reached the top of the stairs, his mother shrieked, and fortunately, he woke up before falling down the steps.
somnambulistic (adjective), more somnambulistic, most somnambulistic
Relating to the act of walking or performing another activity that is associated with wakefulness while asleep or in a sleep-like state.
somnial (adjective), more somnial, most somnial
A descriptive term for sleeping or dreaming.
somniation (s) (noun), somniations (pl)
The phenomenon of sleeping or dreaming.
somniatory (adjective), more somniatory, most somniatory
Relating to dreams or dreaming.
somniculosity (s) (noun), somniculosities (pl)
Sleepiness, drowsiness.
somniculous (adjective), more somniculous, most somniculous
Relating to drowsiness or sleepiness.
somnifacient (adjective) (no comparatives)
A reference to a medical drug that can make it possible for a person to sleep: Marilyn could not doze off at night so her doctor prescribed a somnifacient that made it possible for her to finally get some rest when she went to bed.
somnifacient (s) (noun), somnifacients (pl)
A pharmaceutical agent or drug that causes a person to sleep.
somniferous (adjective), more somniferous, most somniferous
Pertaining to something that causes sleepiness or drowsiness: The textbook which Beatrice was reading was having a somniferous effect on her as indicated by the fact that her eyes kept drooping shut.

Janet realized that she had to stop working on her computer project and have a nap because of the somniferous feelings that she was experiencing.

A reference to causing someone to sleep.
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Making someone sleep because of boredom.
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Inducing or causing someone to go to sleep.
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somnific (adjective), more somnific, most somnific
Descriptive of being asleep.
somnifuge (s) (noun), somnifuges (pl)
That which prevents or keeps sleep away.
somnifugous (adjective), more somnifugous, most somnifugous
1. A reference to dispelling or resisting falling asleep.
2. Descriptive of banishing or driving sleep away.

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