soma-, som-, somat-, somato-, -soma, -some, -somus, -somia, -somic, -somal, -somite, -somatous, -somatia, -somatic

(Greek: body; mass)

somesthesia (s) (noun), somesthesias (pl)
Bodily sensation, or the conscious awareness of the body: Lillian’s somesthesia was such that whenever she passed a shiny window or a mirror she paused to admire herself.
somesthetic (adjective), more somesthetic, most somesthetic
Characterized by bodily sensations, or the conscious awareness of the body: The somesthetic feelings which Brian experienced included a tingling in his left hand.
1. Viscerosomatic, any large interior organ in one of the three great cavities of the body, especially in the abdomen of the body.
2. Both splanchnic and somatic; relating to the viscera and the body wall.
sublunary sphere
A concept derived from Greek astronomy in which the region of the cosmos from the earth to the moon, consists of the four classical elements: earth, water, air, and fire.

Beginning with the moon, up to the limits of the universe, everything is made of ether.

A type of roundworm, responsible for human disease associated with eating raw or undercooked pork.
In insects, the abdomen.
viscerosomatic (adjective), more viscerosomatic, most viscerosomatic
Descriptive of the internal bodily organs or to illness or the dysfunction of these organs or the tissue surrounding them: During a post operative consultation, Dr. Smiley stated that the most viscerosomatic inflammation of tissue in Horace's abdomen had been removed.
viscerosomatic reaction (s) (noun), viscerosomatic reactions (pl)
A response that occurs in the muscles of the body was as a result o thef stimulation of the nerves in one or more of the internal organs of the body: The delicate post-surgical instruments were able to track the viscerosomatic reactions of the abdominal muscles in the patiet's body