soma-, som-, somat-, somato-, -soma, -some, -somus, -somia, -somic, -somal, -somite, -somatous, -somatia, -somatic

(Greek: body; mass)

somatic paranoia
The delusion that one's body is malodorous (stinks), or is infested with an internal or external parasite, or that his/her body is physically misshapen or unduly ugly.
1. The belief that emotional and mental disorders are of physical origin and caused by bodily lesions.
2. The conviction by a psychotherapist or other health professional that every neurosis and psychosis has an organic or physical cause.
A psychiatrist who considers all mental illnesses to have physical origins.
1. A process whereby a mental event is expressed in a body disorder or physical symptom; such as, peptic ulcers and asthma.
2. The organic expression of a mental disorder.
1. A cavity in the primary nectocalyx of certain Siphonophora.
2. A cavity in pneumatophore of Siphonophora containing air or an oil droplet.

A nectocalyx, the swimming bell or umbrella of a jellyfish of medusa or any free swimming acaleph (so called from the stinging power they possess; as such, they are sometimes called sea nettles).

Siphonophora, an order of pelagic (open water) Hydrozoa (water animals) including species which form complex free-swimming communities composed of numerous zooids (animal forms) of various kinds, some of which act as floats or as swimming organs, others as feeding or nutritive zooids, and others as reproductive zooids.

Pneumatophore, a gas-filled sac that acts as a float in coelenterates (hydras, jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals, characterized by a single internal cavity serving for digestion, excretion, etc.); such as, the Portuguese man-of-war.

A record of the development, structures, and functions of the body.
Divination by observing a body.
somatopathy (s) (noun), somatopathies (pl)
An outdated term for a disease of the body: In her grandfather's collection of old medical books, Sally found the old-fashioned word somatopathy that referred to a bodily disorder or ailment that had nothing to do with an individual's mind or mental stability.