serra-, serri-, serr-

(Latin: saw, saw-tooth)

In zoology, a sawlike organ or part, as the saw of a sawfish or of a sawfly.
A kind of clover with notched edged leaves.
A family of fishes probably because of their sawlike teeth.
A reference to the Serranidae or a large family of fish with large mouths and small spines on the gill coverings.

They usually have several rows of sharp teeth, normally with a pair of particularly large, canine-like teeth projecting from the lower jaw.

The family contains about 450 species of serranids in 64 genera, including sea basses and groupers (typically having stout bodies and large mouths).

Piranhas, silver dollars; family containing 65 species of small to medium-sized South American freshwater characiform teleost fishes.

Piranhas are predators feeding on fish and mammals, while others are herbivorous on fruits and seeds.

serrate, serration
1. With notches or projections like the teeth of a saw.
2. To give something an edge that is notched like the teeth of a saw.
With notches like the teeth of a saw.
Sawlike, especially in motion or sound.
A class of beetles with serrated antennae (having sawlike horns).
Having serrated edges.
Sawlike or formed like a saw.
Finely toothed; having an edge with tiny notches like the teeth of a saw; "a little saw".