semen, semin-

(Latin: seed)

disseminate (verb), disseminates; disseminated; disseminating
1. To scatter principles, ideas, opinions, etc. for growth and propagation, like seeds: The Internet allows people to disseminate information and ideas faster than almost any other method.
2. To become widespread: The values of human rights have disseminated throughout the world.

False rumors disseminated around the school that Janice Payne loved Robert Jackson!

To broadcast opinions and beliefs to others.
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To scatter or to spsread ideas widely.
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To spread the seeds of unrest.
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A student at a religious seminary or Jesuit school; a seminarist.
seminarium (s) (noun); seminariums, seminaria (pl)
A nursery where plants are taken care of: "There is a large seminarium down the street from Alisa where she buys her garden plants in the spring."
1. A place where animals are bred; a region which supplies (some kind of animal).
2. A place of origin and early development; a place or thing in which something (e.g. an art or science, a virtue or vice) is developed or cultivated, or from which it is propagated abundantly.
3. A place, country, society, condition of things, or the like, in which some particular class of persons are produced or trained.
4. A school or college for training persons for the priesthood. In the 16th-17th century it was often used with reference to those institutions engaged in the training of priests for the English mission.
5. An educational institution for the training of priests, ministers, or rabbis.
Eating or feeding on seeds.