scopi-, scopu-

(Latin: thin branches; hence, broom, brush)

Having a tuft of hairs like a brush.
Bearing a tuft of brushlike hairs.
Having the form of a broom or besom (a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle).
scopiped, scopuliped
Any species of bee which has on the hind legs a brush of hairs used for collecting pollen; such as, the hive bees and bumblebees
scopula (s), scopulae (pl)
1. A small tuft of hairs.
2. A brush-like adhesive organ formed by cilia in certain peritrichous ciliates.
3. A needle-like sponge splicule with a brush-like head.
4. In climbing spiders, an adhesive tuft of club-like hairs on each foot, replacing a third claw.
5. A small brushlike pad of stiff hairs as on the tarsi (lower parts of the legs) of bees and spiders.
Shaped like a broom or brush; brushlike.
Resembling a small brush.