sangui-, sanguio-, sanguin-

(Latin: blood)

1. A reference to, or pertaining to, the formation of blood or blood cells.
2. The production of all types of blood cells.
sanguinopurulent (adjective)
Containing both blood and pus.
1. Referring to blood.
2. Containing, or pertaining to, excessive blood.
1. Having a special attraction to blood; such as, female mosquitoes.
2. A fondness for blood either as a fetish for blood or as a sexual arousal caused by the appearance of blood on one's sex partner or just by seeing blood in other situations.
Referring to the blood supply of the kidneys.
Blood or any reference to blood.
sanguisuction (s) (noun), sanguisuctions (pl)
1. The act or process of sucking blood; such as, by mosquitoes, leeches, etc.
2. The abstraction process of blood by suction, as by a leech or other parasite.
Sanguisuga (s) (noun), Sanguisugae (pl)
A blood-sucking leech.
sanguisugent (adjective), more sanguisugent, most sanguisugent
Relating to some blood sucking creature that is thirsty for such fluid.
sanguisugous (adjective), more sanguisugous, most sanguisugous
A descriptive term for blood sucker; such as, leeches.
sanguivore (verb), sanguivores; sanguivored; sanguivoring
To feed on blood; such as, vampire bats, mosquitoes, leeches, ticks, fleas, etc.
sanguivorous (adjective), more sanguivorous, most sanguivorous
Vampire bat is getting its blood meal from a cow.
A vampire bat is getting its sanguivorous meal from a cow.
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Consisting of serum and blood.
sudor sanguinosus
The appearance of blood or blood products in sweat gland secretions; hemathidrosis.
urinosanguineous (adjective), more urinosanguineous, most urinosanguineous
Some organ of the body that contains both urine and blood.

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