sangui-, sanguio-, sanguin-

(Latin: blood)

mucosanguinolent (adjective)
Containing mucus and blood.
sang royal
Royal blood or a reference to anyone who is descended from those of "royal blood".
sangaree, sangria
1. A sweet chilled beverage made of wine or other alcoholic liquor and grated nutmeg.
2. Sweetened red wine and orange or lemon juice with soda water.
Literally "ox-blood", a deep rich red high-temperature glaze found on Chinese ceramics from the ming period and later, imitated in Europe in the 19th century.
sang-froid, sang froid, sangfroid (sang FRWAHD), (sahn FRWAH) (s) (noun); sang-froids, sang froids, sangfroids (pl)
1. Self-possession or calmness; especially, in a dangerous or stressful situation: Despite the physical and emotional pressure she was under at work, Sally managed to maintain her sangfroid and to provide composure, solid leadership, and support for her staff.
2. Etymology: French sang, "blood"; from Old French, from Latin sanguis, "blood" + froid, "cold"; from Old French, from Vulgar Latin frigidus, alteration of Latin frigidus.
Freedom from agitation or stress.
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Being calm in a dangerous situation.
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sanguicole (verb), sanguicoles; sanguicoled; sanguicoling: blood
Living in, or inhabiting, blood which parasites are known to do.
Referring to the production of blood or characterized by being a producer of blood.
sanguiferous (adjective) (not comparable)
Conveying, or circulating, blood, as the circulatory organs: There are sanguiferous vessels, including the arteries, veins, and capillaries in Jane's body, just like the bodies of all humans and other creatures.
sanguification (s) (noun), sanquifications (pl)
1. The formation of blood cells in the living body; especially, in the bone marrow.
2. The production of blood; such as with the conversion of the products of digestion into blood; haematosis or hematosis (formation of blood in general).
sanguifluous (adjective), more sanguifluous, most sanguifluous
Referring to the flowing or movements of blood.
sanguify (verb), sanguifies; sanguified; sanguifying
To produce blood from some source or activity.
sanguigenous (adjective), more sanguigenous, most sanguigenous
Referring to the production of blood; such as, sanguigenous food.
sanguimotory (adjective), more sanguimotory, most sanguimotory
Referring to the movement and circulation of blood.
sanguinaceous (adjective), more sanguinaceous, most sanguinaceous
Descriptive of a blood-red color: The gown Sally wore was of a brilliant sanguinaceous shade and caught the attraction of all of those present at the ball.
The bloodroot, or its medicinal preparation which is emetic.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving "blood" word units: angi-; apheresis; -emia; hemo-; hemoglobin-; phleb-; vas-; vascul-.