retino-, retin- +

(Latin: innermost tunic of the eye; from ret[e], "net" plus -ina, "like")

Relating to the organization of the visual pathways and visual area of the brain.
Exerting a toxic or deleterious effect upon the retina.
vasa sanguinea retinae (pl) (noun)
A collective term for the blood vessels of the retinas of the eyes: The vasa sanguinea retinae include the branches and tributaries of the central retinal arterirs and veins; as well as, the vascular circles of the optic nerves.
A reference to the vitreous humor and the retina of the eye.
vitreoretinopathy (s) (noun), vitreoretinopathies (pl)
One of many kinds of eye ailments of the retina and vitreous humour: Vitreoretinopathy is a disorder of the clear gel that fills the eyeball and the retina of the eye, the most severe consequences of which are usually traction phenomena leading to the detachment of the retina.

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