retino-, retin- +

(Latin: innermost tunic of the eye; from ret[e], "net" plus -ina, "like")

A surgical excision of a piece of the retina or the light sensitive layer of the eye.
Inflammation of the retina.
A hereditary malignant tumor of the retina that develops during childhood, is derived from retinal germ cells, and is associated with a chromosomal abnormality.
1. Detachment of the retina.
2. Disinsertion of the retina; detachment of the retina at its peripheral insertion.
A photograph of the retina.
Photography of the retina.
1. Resembling the retina.
2. Any of a group of substances related to vitamin A and functioning like vitamin A in the body.
Softening of the retina.
Inflammation of the retina and the optic papilla.
retinopathy (s) (noun), retinopathies (pl)
One kind of ailment of the retina: Retinopathy is a noninflammatory degenerative disease of the retina that can result in a loss of vision.
1. Surgical correction of a detachment of the retina by forming chorioretinal adhesions around the torn part of the retina.
2. A procedure to repair a detached retina by holding it in place; e.g., by producing chorioretinal adhesions by freezing ("retinal cryopexy").
retinoschisis (s), retinoschises (pl)
1. Degeneration of the retina causing splitting and the formation of cysts between retinal layers.
2. Degenerative splitting of the retina into separate layers
retinoscope, skiascope
1. An optical device used to illuminate a subject's retina during retinoscopy.
2. An apparatus that determines the refractive power of the eye by observing the lights and shadows on the pupil when a mirror illumines the retina.
retinoscopy, skiascopy
1. The study of the retina of the eye by using an ophthalmoscope.
2. Medical examination and analysis of the refractive properties of the eye.
Any of various degenerative, noninflammatory conditions of the retina.

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