pycn-, pycno-, pykn-, pykno- +

(Greek: close, compact, thick, dense; frequent)

desmopyknosis, desmopycnosis
A surgical procedure for shortening round ligaments by attaching them by loops to the anterior uterine wall.
pyknemia, pycnemia
A condition marked by the thickening of blood.
pyknic, pycnic
A reference to a body type characterized by the roundness of extremities, stockiness, large chest and abdomen, and a tendency toward obesity.
pyknocyte, pycnocyte
A form of spiculed red cell.
pyknocytosis, pycnocytosis
Conspicuous increases in the numbers of pyknocytes in the blood.
pyknodysostosis, pycnodysostosis
1. An inheritable disorder of bone, characterized by a short stature, a large skull with absence of knitting of the anterior frontanel, receding chin, shortness of fingers, and toes, and fragility of bones.

Radiographs show an abnormal thickness of bones, which is responsible for the fractures.

2. An autosomal recessive disease that affects bones and resembles osteopetrosis, but the disease is considered to be mild and not associated with hematological or neurological abnormalities.

The only treatment is surgical correction of deformities and fractures.

pyknolepsy, pycnolepsy
A brief, sudden loss of consciousness symptomatic of petit mal epilepsy or a form of epilepsy with very brief, unannounced lapses in consciousness.

A petit mal seizure involves a brief loss of awareness, which can be accompanied by blinking or mouth twitching.

pyknometer, pycnometer
A graduated glass vessel used to measure the relative density (thickness) of fluids.
pyknometry, pycnometry
The measurement of the relative density (thickness) of fluids by using a pykonometer.
pyknomorphic, pycnomorphic
Having a solid or compact form.
pyknomorphous, pycnomorphous
Characterized by having a solid or compact form.
pyknophrasia, pycnophrasia
1. An overall thickness, clumsiness, or heaviness of speech, often with slurring and articulatory imprecision.
2. The thickness of words uttered in speech.
pyknophrasis, pycnophrasis
A condition in which there is a thickness of the pronunciations of words.
pyknosis, pycnosis
1. Thickness; especially, shrinking of cells through degeneration.
2. A thickening or condensation; specifically, a condensation and reduction in size of the cell or its nucleus, usually associated with hyperchromatosis.