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(Greek: thick, shaggy, hairy, dense)
(Latin: thick, thickly set, crowded, compact)
(Latin: hard [as wood], lasting; thick, tough)
(Latin: large, big, thick)
(Greek: thick, dense; large, massive)
(Greek: close, compact, thick, dense; frequent)
(Latin spissus: thick, compact, dense; thickness, compactness, density)
(Latin: hardened skin, thick skin; a knob)
(Greek: mucus; a protective secretion from the mucous membranes in the nose, throat, and lungs; a thick fluid produced by the linings of some tissues of the body and is secreted as a protective lubricant coating by cells and glands of the mucous membranes)
(Greek: pus; purulent, an infection or foreign material that causes a thick whitish-yellow fluid which results from the accumulation of white blood cells)
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thick-crystalline materials
Semiconductor material, typically measuring from 200-400 microns thick, which is cut from ingots or ribbons.
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