pulver-, pulv-, pulvi- +

(Latin: dust)

To make into powder or dust; to pulverize.
pulverable, pulverizable
Anything which can be pulverized, or be crushed or ground into a powder or dust.
Having a finely powdered surface.
To beat or to reduce something into powder or dust; to pulverize.
The rendering of a substance into a powder form.

One example is coal which has been pulverized or crushed into a fine dust in a grinding mill, and then blown into the combustion zone of a furnace where it burns rapidly and efficiently.

The technique of breaking coal down into a fine powder for burning provides advantages; such as, a higher combustion temperature, improved thermal efficiency, and a lower air requirement for combustion.

pulverize (verb), pulverizes; pulverized; pulverizing
1. To crush or grind something into a powder or dust: Jane use the mortar and pistol to pulverize the different spices into fine particles or grains.
3. To demolish something completely: The terrible storm pulverized and destroyed the Edgar's farm.
4. To subject an opponent to a crushing defeat: Ivan's basketball team pulverized Adam's visiting team.
A device used to break down material to dust or powder; as, by pounding or grinding.
Consisting of dust or powder; like powder.
The state of being pulverulent; that is, abundance of dust or powder; dustiness.
pulverulent (adjective)
In a state of powder; powdery; dustlike.
A sweet-scented powder; pulvillio.
Powder-down feather.
Pulvis et umbra (sumus).
We are but dust and shadow.
pulvis, pulv.

A medical term used in prescriptions.