prandial- +

(Latin: prandium, literally, that which is eaten early)

By extension, of or relating to a meal; such as, lunch or a late breakfast; however, dictionary definitions use "dinner" as the primary meaning for this element.

Before dinner.
postprandial, post-prandial (adjective), (not comparative)
1. A reference to being done, made, taken, happening, etc. following a meal, for example after dinner: Tim and Mary took a postprandial walk through the neighborhood.
2. In medicine, after mealtime: A postprandial rise in the blood glucose level is one that occurs after eating.

Postprandial refers to the time after any meal. It is a common term in medicine and may refer to diabetes, endocrinology, gastroenterology, metabolism, pathology, and many other biomedical fields.

3. Etymology: from Latin post, "after" + prandium, "luncheon, meal" + -al, "pertaining to".
After a dinner.
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prandial, prandially
Pertaining or relating to dinner.
preprandial, pre-prandial
Before dinner; done, made, taken, happening, etc. before dinner.