ple-, pleini-, plen-, plet-

(Latin: fill, full)

accomplish (verb), accomplishes; accomplished; accomplishing
accomplished (adjective), more accomplished, most accomplished
1. A description of a person who is very good or highly skilled at doing something: Sam was an accomplished actor who successfully made the transition from the stage to the screen.
2. Successfully finished or completed: The essay was an accomplished piece of writing and it was worthy of being published.
3. Without doubt or unquestionable: It is an accomplished fact that if anyone plays in a patch of poison ivy, he or she will undoubtedly develop a severe rash.
Proficient as an expert.
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accomplishment (s) (noun), accomplishments (pl)
complement (s), complements (pl) (nouns)
complement (verb), complements; complemented; complementing
complemental (adjective)
complementally (adverb)
complementary (adverb)
complete (verb), completes; completed; completing
complete (adjective), more complete, most complete
completely (adverb)
compliable (adjective)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "more, plentiful, fullness, excessive, over flowing": copi-; exuber-; hyper-; multi-; opulen-; pleio-; plethor-; poly-; super-; total-; ultra-; undu-.