phleb-, phlebo-, -phleb +

(Greek: vein, blood vessel; from the verb, phlein, "to flow")

septicophlebitis (s) (noun), septicophlebitides (pl)
Inflammation of blood veins resulting from bacterial contamination: Lisa wore specially designed stockings to ease the discomfort of the septicophlebitis in her legs.
1. Inflammation of a vein associated with thrombus formation.
2. Inflammation of a vein caused by or associated with the formation of a blood clot.
3. The presence of a thrombus (vascular obstruction) in a vein accompanied by inflammation of the vessel wall.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving "blood" word units: angi-; apheresis; -emia; hemo-; hemoglobin-; sangui-; vas-; vascul-.