(Latin: through, across, over; beyond, by means of)

pervicacious (per vuh KAY shuhs) (adjective), more pervicacious, most pervicacious
1. Self-willed, inflexible, very stubborn, and obstinate; contrary, refractory (difficult to control): When his proposals were challenged by one of his colleagues at work, Bernard's pervicacious reaction came close to being a serious conflict.
2. Etymology: from Latin pervicac, pervicax, "headstrong, stubborn"; from per-, "completely, intensely"; + vic-; stem of vincere, "to conquer" + -ax, "tendency, ability" + -ious, "full of, having the characteristics of".
Very stubborn or obstinate.
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pervicaciously (adverb)
pervicaciousness (s) (noun)
pervicacity (s) (noun), pervicacities (pl)
Stubbornness and willful obstinacy or not willing to be reasonable: "Joe's pervicacity in setting up the format for the research project actually resulted in a better content and was more understandable for others to utilize."
pervious (adjective),more pervious, mostpervious
perviousness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
pervulgate (verb), pervulgates; pervulgated; pervulgating
To publish something.