(Latin: through, across, over; beyond, by means of)

persistency (s) (noun), persistencies (pl)
The condition of perserverance: Greg's persistency and determination in studying for his medical exams were rewarded with the best grade in his semester!
persistent (adjective); more persistent, most persistent
1. Referring to someone who is tenacious or determined despite problems and difficulties: Sally has been a persistent worker in striving to achieve the company's objectives.
2. Pertaining to something which is incessant or unrelenting or which exists or continues for an unpleasantly long time: Extremely bad weather conditions have been a persistent problem in many parts of the country during the past winters.
3. Descriptive of something that is constantly repeated or continued: Many carpenters have been making persistent efforts in repairing the damage done by the recent tornado.
Refusing to give up, stubborn, persevering.
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persistently (adverb); more persistently, most persistently
Referring to how an action or verbalization is continued in a determined way, even when facing difficulties or opposition: The little boy persistently begged his father to buy him the toy train.
Penetratingly discerning, perceptive, or astute; perspicaciousness.
perspicacity (s) (noun), perspicacities (pl)
1. The ability to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to have sound conclusions: It was a marvelous effort of perspicacity for Samuel to discover that he loved his wife when he first met her before they got married.
2. A clearness of understanding or insight and discernment: Perspicacity was a characteristic of Paul's character and it was a political advantage for him when he was running for his senate seat in congress.
3. An acuteness of discernment or perception.
1. Clearly expressed or presented; easy to understand.
2. Being clear and comprehensible or clearly expressed and therefore easily understood.
persuadable (adjective), more persuadable, most persuadable