pend-, -pens, -pense, -pending, -pended

(Latin: hang, hanging; weigh, weighing; to cause to hang down; related to words in this pond- unit.)

A place where medicines are prepared and dispensed (distributed or weighted out in carefully determined portions); especially, a place where the poor can obtain medical advice and medicines gratuitously or at a nominal price.
dispensation (s) (noun), dispensations (pl)
1. Permission to break a law or an official promise that has been made: The defendant asked the court to grant him a dispensation from having to pay his divorced wife any additional money.
2. An action that provides something to people: The doctor provided a dispensation for Arnold to continue participating in the sports event after he had fallen and hurt his hand.
A self proclaimed special permission to pay no attention to a rule or practice.
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dispense, dispenses, dispensed, dispensing (verb forms)
electrically suspended gyro
1. A gyroscope characterized by a central rotating element which is maintained in place by an electromagnetic or electrostatic field.
2. A gyroscope in which the main rotating element is suspended by an electromagnetic or an electrostatic field.
An appendectomy using an electric cautery or similar device.

A cautery is an instrument or substance used to seal a wound or to destroy damaged or infected tissue by burning.

expend, expends, expended, expending (verb forms)
expendable (adjective), more expendable, most expendable
1. Relating to anything or anyone that is not worth keeping and can be easily replaced: There are apparently some employees who have expendable jobs in the local company because they are being laid off.
2. A reference to something that is meant to be used and thrown away: While getting ready to move away to a new residence, Ted was getting rid of a lot of expendable things that his family had no further need for.
Not essential to keep.
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1. Hanging or having the appearance of hanging by a thread.
2. Suspended by a thread.
3. Suspended by, or strung upon, a thread; said of tuberous swellings in the middle or at the extremities of slender, threadlike plant rootlets.