pauci-, paup-

(Latin: few, little; insufficient)

Multi sunt vocati, pauci vero electi. (Latin saying)
Translation: "Many are called, but few are chosen."
pauciflorous (adjective), more pauciflorous, most pauciflorous
Having few flowers or seldom producing blossoms.
paucifoliate (verb), paucifoliates; paucifoliated; paucifoliating
pauciloquence (s) (noun), pauciloquences (pl)
A situation in which the use of the fewest number of words are made to make a point or to answer a question, etc.
pauciloquency (s) (noun), pauciloquencies (pl)
The utterance of very few words or speaking in a brief manner.
pauciloquent (adjective), more pauciloquent, most pauciloquent
A reference to using a minimal amount of information during a speech or in a written document.
pauciloquy (s) (noun), pauciloquies (pl)
A speech or conversation of very few words; using the fewest possible words to make a point.
pauciradiate (verb), pauciradiates; pauciradiated; pauciradiating
paucity (PAW si tee) (s) (noun), paucities (pl)
1. The presence of something only in small or inadequate quantities or amounts; a scarcity: There was a paucity of information when Sheila asked where she could get a loan to buy a new car.

The poor test results by the students indicate that they either have a paucity of intelligence or the teacher has a paucity of teaching skills.

2. An amount that is less than what someone needs or wants: When Mark received the medical report, he found that it contained a paucity of details as to what medication he should take.

The hikers had to go back down the mountain earlier than expected because there was a paucity of supplies for them to survive any longer.

Few or not very many.
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Scarcity or an insufficient amount.
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Very few in number.
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pauper (s) (noun), paupers (pl)
A person who is without a means of financial or living support: Sam is a pauper who is destitute and depends on aid from public welfare funds, a charity, or donations from individuals in order to survive.
pauperism (s) (noun) (no plural)
An existence in extreme destitution or a very poor life.
pauperization, pauperisation (s) (noun), pauperizations, pauperisations (pl)
A state of extreme destitution or homelessness with few or no material possessions.
pauperize (verb), pauperizes; pauperized; pauperizing
To make a person become unable to support himself or herself: Benjamin's extravagant spending of his inheritance pauperized him to such an extent that he had no place to live or any money to spend on food.
pauperizer (s) (noun), pauperizers (pl)
Someone who makes himself or herself become poor and impoverished.
pauropod (s) (noun), pauropods (pl)
A myriapod of the order Pauropoda, resembling centipedes, but of very minute size.