ortho-, orth-

(Greek: right, straight, correct, true; designed to correct)

anorthographic (adjective), more anorthographic, most anorthographic
1. A descriptive term for the loss of the ability to write correctly: Dr. McMahon, the professor, presented examples of anorthographic spelling by combining letters that did not represent the sounds which follow the accepted rules or forms of normal words.
2. A reference to creative or imaginative spelling, in variance with the accepted rules for spelling: The local author was noted for her anorthographic approach to forming words with letter combinations that did not go along with the principles underlying accepted usage.
anorthography (s) (noun), anorthographies (pl)
The absence of the ability to write correctly, resulting from injury to the language center in the cerebral cortex of the brain: After her head injury, Judy suffered from anorthography and was unable to write properly.
anorthopia (s) (noun), anorthopias (pl)
Being without correct vision or having distorted vision in which straight lines appear as curves or angles, and symmetry is incorrectly perceived: Dr. Smith, the ophthalmologist, was monitoring the anorthopia of the patient who described a badly formed view of curved and straight lines.
Sexual impotence.
diorthosis, diorthotic
1. The setting of a fracture or the reduction of a dislocation.
2. Correction; straightening; especially, of deformed limbs.
Normal intellectual and emotional adjustment.
An orthopedic appliance or apparatus used to support, to align, to prevent, or to correct deformities or to improve the functions of movable parts of the body.
A reference to the science of orthopedic appliances and their uses.
The study and applications of orthopedic appliances and their uses.
Anyone who practices orthetics.
1. A reference to two positions in the benzene ring that are adjacent.
2. Pertaining to the state in which the atomic nuclei of a diatomic molecule spin in the same direction.
3. Straight; upright; vertical.
Normal blood pressure.
orthoaxis, ortho axis
That axis in s crystal of the monoclinic system (a crystal that has three unequal axes, with one pair not at right angles) which is perpendicular to the other axes.
orthobaric density
The density of a liquid and of a saturated vapor with which it is at equilibrium at a given temperature.
1. Correct living, both hygienically and morally.
2. Sound and correct living including all of the factors that may affect longevity and well-being.
3. Living in accordance with proper hygienic principles.