oneiro-, oneir-, oniro-, onir-, -neir-

(Greek: dream)

oneiromantic, oneiromancer
Someone who divines by dreams.
Resembling a dream as a partly forgotten experience.
oneironaut (s) (noun), oneironauts (pl)
Someone who is said to realize that he or she is dreaming while in the ocean or sea water.
oneironosia, oneironosus
A disease expressed by persistent and unpleasant dreams.
oneironosus, oneirogonos
Morbid dreaming.
oneirophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An intense horror of dreaming: Sam was frightened of the nightmares that he had sometimes, which caused him difficulty in going to sleep, and he found out that it was caused by oneirophobia!
1. A state in which hallucinations occur, caused by such conditions as prolonged deprivation of sleep, sensory isolation, and a variety of drugs.
2. A form of schizophrenia characterized by a clouding of the consciousness.

Some psychiatrists consider oneirophrenia to be an acute form of schizophrenia.

Someone who interprets dreams for a price.
Dealing in the sale of dream interpretations.
Fantasizing about sex or prostitutes while dreaming.
Dreams of sexual intercourse.
Ancient Greek personified deities of dreams, who were regarded by Homer as dwelling on the shores of Ocean in the extreme west.
A specialist in the analysis of dreeams.
Analysis of dreams as an aid in the diagnosis of a person's mental state or other disorders.
Pertaining to or resembling a dream.

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