odonto-, odont-, odon-, -odont, -odonic, -odontic, -odontia, -odontoid; -dont, -donts, -dontia, -dontic, -dontoid

(Greek: tooth, teeth)

1. Device for determining the degree of uneven surfaces of teeth enamel.
2. An instrument for laying out the forms of gear teeth or ratchets.
3. An instrument for marking or laying off the outlines of the teeth of gear wheels.
A reference to written descriptions and histories of teeth.
1. Descriptive anatomy of the teeth.
2. A description of the teeth.
odontoiatry, odontoiatria, odontoiatric
Dental therapeutics or the medical treatment of teeth.
Divination by interpreting aches and pains of the teeth or by other types of interpretations regarding the teeth.
The death of a tooth or part of a tooth or the massive decay of a tooth or teeth.
odontoneuralgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Facial neuralgia caused by a carious tooth: Dr. T. told Sally that the odontoneuralgia she was suffering from would be relieved after he tended to the the tooth affected with decay, and that she should brush her teeth regularly every day to avoid another case of odontoneuralgia.
odontopathy (s) (noun), odontopathies (pl)
Any disease affecting the teeth or their sockets: Greg's teeth were hurting him quite a bit, and his dentist informed him that he had odontopathy, which meant that he would have to have one of his teeth extracted ro prevent further infections.
odontophobia (s) (noun), odontophobias (pl)
A fear of teeth: Odontophobia occurs with people who are afraid of the bonelike structures in their jaws, or of those in animals, and a total dislike of dental surgery.

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