marito-, marit-

(Latin: pertaining to a husband or marriage; used as a prefix)

marital (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to being married: Jack and Jill have enjoyed 20 years of marital happiness; however, the couple next door have been having marital problems.
It's about marriage.
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mariticide (muh RIT i sighd) (s) (noun), mariticides (pl)
The action of killing one's spouse, usually when a wife kills her husband: A woman was on trial for the mariticide of the man she was married to.
maritocratic (adjective), more maritocratic, most maritocratic
Relating to a political belief which asserts that people be rewarded by what the have achieved, not by social position or wealth: In Jack's philosophy class at school, he learned about the meritocratic society in which individuals are honored on the basis of their efforts and achievements rather than by affluence, financial conditions, race, or gender.
maritodespotic (adjective), more maritodespotic, most maritodespotic
A reference to the ruthless, tyrannical behavior of a husband with his matrimonial partner: After being married 10 years with David, Margaret decided that she had had enough of her oppressive, autocratic, and maritodespotic spouse and resolved to get a divorce.
maritodespotism (mar" i toh DES puh tiz'm) (s) (noun) (no plural)
A cruel and merciless behavior by a husband with his wife: After living in a state of constant maritodespotism and putting up with her spouse's abhorrent conduct towards her, she left him and went on a cruise around the world.

There is a vast difference between the savage and civilized man, but it is never apparent to their wives until after breakfast.

—Helen Roland
maritogenous (adjective), more maritogenous, most maritogenous
Something that is done quickly by the husband for his wife: When Jack's wife wanted to go to a beautician to get her hair trimmed and enhanced, he made a maritogenous action to get their car out of the garage and take her to the hair stylist in time for the scheduled appointment.
maritolegic (adjective), more maritolegic, most maritolegic
A reference to a disease transmitted by the husband: Shirley got sick when her wedded maritolegic partner passed his influenza on to her.
maritorious (adjective), more maritorious, most maritorious
Regarding an excessive devotion, or fondness, of one's husband and whatever he wants: Sally was so doting and maritorious towards Sam, being sure that any wish he had was fulfilled quickly, efficiently, and in an adoring and cooperative way.