maieut-, maieuto-

(Greek: pertaining to midwifery; obstetric; serving to elicit ideas [said of the Socratic method of teaching])

Puerperal psychosis (a psychiatric disorder that may affect women in the first two weeks after giving birth).

Relating to, connected with, or occurring during childbirth or the period immediately following childbirth.

It may be depressive or schizophrenic and may involve false ideas concerning the baby.

maieutic, maieutical
1. Relating to Socrates, his philosophy, or his method of arriving at the truth.
2. Of, or relating to, the aspect of the Socratic method that induces a respondent to formulate latent concepts through a dialectic or logical sequence of questions.
3. In obsterics, a rubber bag used for dilating the cervix uteri.
1. Obstetrics, the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and the care of the mother.
2. The art of giving birth; such as, clearness and conviction, to ideas, which are conceived as struggling for birth.
1. A practitioner of maieutics.
2. An obstetrician.