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elicit, illicit, licit
elicit (i LIS it) (verb)
To draw out, extract, or to bring forth: The teacher tried to elicit an answer from her students.
illicit (i LIS it) (adjective)
Not permitted, unlawful, illegal, banned: Irwin was caught with illicit drugs in his briefcase and was taken to the police station.
licit (LIS it) (adjective)
Permitted by statute; legal: Cole claimed that his activities were licit under the law.

The licit activities of the sheriff are often seen by criminals as attempts to elicit information about illicit activities.

(Greek: pertaining to midwifery; obstetric; serving to elicit ideas [said of the Socratic method of teaching])
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elicit (i LIS it) (verb), elicits; elicited; eliciting
1. To draw forth; to bring out: The lawyer tried to elicit a testimony from the reluctant witness.
2. Etymology: from Latin elicere, "to draw forth"; from ex-, "out" + -licere, combining form of lacere, "to entice".
To bring our or to draw forth.
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