lue- +

(Latin: pestilence, infection, plague; a synonym for "syphilis")

lues (LOO eez)
A plague or pestilence; a spreading disease; especially, syphilis (Lues venerea).

Also a contagious disease among cattle.

An old name for syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that has been around for centuries and is caused by Treponema pallidum, a microscopic organism called a spirochete, a worm-like spiral-shaped organism that infects by burrowing into the moist mucous membranes of the mouth or genitals.

lues venera
Venereal disease.
lues venerea
Syphilis or an acute and chronic infectious disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum and transmitted by direct contact, usually through sexual intercourse.
luetic (loo ET ik)
Of or belonging to lues; syphilitic.