laryng-, laryngo- +

(Greek > Modern Latin: throat, upper part of the windpipe; the vocal-chord area of the throat; the musculocartilaginous structure below the tongue root and hyoid bone and above the trachea)

Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition, cautions users to be aware of the proper pronunciations of laryngo- (luh RING goh) and laryng- (luh RINJ): "Avoid mispronouncing this combining form lar-in' jo" or (lar IN joh).

Here is a special article about the Neck and Throat.

Pertaining to the trachea and the larynx.

Cross references related to "neck, throat" word families: cervic-; coll-; esophag-; guttur-; nuch-; trachel-.