lacun-, lacuno- +

(Latin: small pit, gap)

cartilage lacuna, cartilage space
A cavity within the matrix of cartilage, occupied by a chondrocyte.
lacuna (s), lacunae (pl)
1. A small pit, cavity, defect, or gap.
2. A gap or place where something is missing; such as, in a manuscript or a line of argument.
3. A cavity, space, or depression; especially, in a bone, containing cartilage or bone cells.
1. A decorative sunken panel in a ceiling.
2. Relating to pits or cavities in tissue; for example, in bone or cartilage, especially ones that are atypical.
3. Pertaining to or containing lacunae; of the nature of a lacuna.
Pitted; having many cavities or depressions.
A small lacuna.