(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

A member of the iatrochemical school.
A member of the iatrophysical school.
ichthyologist (s) (noun), ichthyologists (pl)
Someone who specializes in the scientific study of fish: Shanna's cousin spends a lot of his time on the coast because he is an ichthyologist and he wants to learn more about aquatic environments.
A collector of fish.
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A fish fancier or expert.
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A person who uses fish or their parts to foretell or divine the present, past, or future.
Any human, animal, etc. that eats or consumes fish.
A dissector or anatomist of fishes.
Someone who deals with the description, analysis, and interpretation of icons or iconic representations.
A physician who specializes in a particular medical area.
A worshiper of idols.
ignicolist (s) (noun), ignicolists (pl)
A fire-worshiper or fire-worshipers: Joan has neighbors who are ignicolists because they worship fire as a form of a god.
illusionist (s) (noun), illusionists (pl)
Someone who produces mental images that are not real: A conjuror or sleight of hand performer is identified as an illusionist.
Being deceived by false impressions; such as, a ventriloquist or sleight-of-hand performer.
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immersionist (s), immersionists (pl) (nouns)
imperialist (adjective), more imperialist, most imperialist